An enjoyable although somewhat draining week at JUMPCUT draws to a close.

The week began with confirmation of my role throughout the production and I am delighted to be acting as sound recordist, along with boom operator Ross, and also as sound editor during post-production. Although post-production is the area I am most enthusiastic about and have the greatest ambition to pursue a career in, I am very excited about the challenge of learning about recording location sound. Whilst I gained a great deal of knowledge and insight into recording theory at university (BEng Electronics with Music at GU and MDes Sound for the Moving Image at GSA – both fantastics courses!) I don’t have a great deal of practical experience in this field and I look forward to working in the high pressure environment of a professional film set.

I met with mentor Dougie Fairgrieve who, with over ten years of experience in the industry, has already been an invaluable source of knowledge and has made the leap from reading the script to preparing for the shoot a little less daunting. Next week will involve getting to grips with the equipment  and going on tech recces to assess the suitabilities and practicalities of locations. 

I also got an extended tour of Savalas from dubbing mixer Micheal MacKinnon as well sitting in on a session of a BBC comedy which was an great insight into the day to day workings of a working post facility.

My approach to film making thus far has been somewhat academic and purely from a creative point of view and so the greatest challenge I have found is being part of the professional production machine which until now has been totally alien to me. Budgeting and liaising with other departments has been a difficult and eye-opening experience but I am fortunate to be working with some very talented young people who are all excelling in their specific roles and have made my job a whole lot less stressful. We now have a big name in Brian McCardie attached to the project and the film is shaping up to be something we can all be proud of!


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